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About Us

Dresses that feels good on and appeal to your little ones unique style ! 


 Welcome to Saya Tale bebe boutique, our small business established in 2020 by three sisters, who have six  

nieces in the family and dressing up these little ones gave us brilliant ideas of dressing up yours little one by bringing out the Classic, Vintage and Sophisticated dresses at your door steps.


We love our littles one and they are the centre of all and that’s why we want to present you with the collection of design that were influenced during mid 19th century and is still carried on in certain parts of the world as a regular or fashionable outfits.  


Our dresses tells you a story of time travel, which will bring the memories of older times in these contemporary days.  


We work with one of the finest suppliers who focuses on trending designs to vintage fashions for new borns, toddlers and children, working with designer team and professional workers, where quality is our top priority.


We believe that your little ones should wear something that will help upscale their personalities and learn history through these dresses. Therefore we want to present these dresses to your reach which are not easily available in high street shops.


 We know times are changing now and getting limited , so to make it easy to shop for the mummies and babies by combing matching sizes into one experience. From play dates to birthday parties, seasonal photoshoots to everyday, we have created a destination for you to find matching family clothing, maternity wear, shoes, accessories, home goods and more.

Let us dress your every moment!

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